2017 Philadelphians MC Events

Sun. Jan. 1: Mummer’s Parade – supporting Brittany Lynn and the Miss Fancy Brigade
Sat. Jan. 12: That Philly Jawn, Too! – at the Hyatt Regency during MAL weekend, Wash. DC
Sat. Feb. 11: Mr. & Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2017 (8pm, Bike Stop, third floor, FREE)
Sat. Feb. 11: Gear Party (10 PM, Bike Stop, Third Floor, $5 requested donation)
Sat. June 10: Pre-Pride Gear Party (10 PM, Bike Stop, third floor)
Sun. June 11: Philly Pride Parade – March with the Philadelphians and the Bike Stop!
Sat. Oct. 7: Pre-Outfest Gear Party (10 PM, Bike Stop, third floor)
Sun. Oct. 8: OutFest (all around the Gayborhood and in front of the Bike Stop)

2017 AMCC & Other Events

Jan. 13-15: Centaur MC Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL 2017), Wash. DC
Apr. 6-9: Bears, Bikers & Mayhem 7, Gettysburg, PA
Apr. 20-23: International Ms. Leather, San Jose, CA
May 25-29: International Mr. Leather, Chicago, IL
June 11: Philadelphia Pride Fest
June 18: Folsom Street East
Oct. 6-8: American Brotherhood Weekend, Chicago, IL
Oct. 8: Philadelphia OutFest
Oct. 20-22: NJ Leather Weekend, Asbury Park, NJ
Nov. 4: COMMAND MC Mr. Maryland Leather 2017 & 28th Anniversary Run, Baltimore, MD
Nov. 25: Bucks MC Santa Saturday, Asbury Park, NJ
Dec. 2: Empire City MC Christmas Party and Toy Drive, NYC