Philadelphians MC is a proud member of the Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council, which was founded on April 4, 1969 in Washington, DC. The purpose of AMCC is:

  • To provide a forum of discussion and support for its member clubs;
  • To coordinate event dates to prevent scheduling conflicts;
  • To encourage participation in sanctioned events;
  • To promote the enjoyment of both the leather-levi lifestyle and motorcycling; and
  • To foster the safety thereof.

amccMembership in AMCC means we are part of a larger network of friends and brothers and sisters that covers almost the entire east coast. It means we can hit the road on a moment’s notice and have our choice of events to attend in multiple directions. But more than that, it means we have a connection to the history of leather and motorcycling in the gay community from their very beginnings to the present day.