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Tri-Cen Returns!!

This is not a drill!!

For those who were able to attend Bucks MC’s Santa Saturday this past weekend, you may have noticed some of these cards floating around:

The Philadelphians MC’s signature club run is finally returning in its true, original form–an irreverently debaucherous and outrageously fun New Year’s party!

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect — as the 50th Anniversary of the Philadelphians MC is fast approaching in 2024, Tri-Cen XX will officially be themed “Celebrating the Golden Age of Inappropriate Public Behavior”!

So make plans to join us next year for a weekend-long Philadelphians-style celebration of brotherly love as we ring in 2024 and revel in the past 50 years of our illustrious (and notorious) history!

Watch the official Tri-Cen XX webpage over the next few months for more details!

Meetings Update

In September 2021, the club experimented with meeting once a month in person and once a month online in the Zoom Room. However, the prevalence of the Delta variant saw us return to Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future. See our Meetings page for more details.

The World is Reopening!

As of June 2021, Philadelphians MC bar nights have RETURNED TO THE BIKE STOP!

If you are comfortable in the bar, hang out with some of us inside! If not, many of us will be out in the alley enjoying drinks and cigars. And we pushed the start time to 8 PM now that we’re back in the bar.

For more info, see our Events page.

Donate Now!

Philadelphians MC is, among many (many…) other things, a philanthropic group. Over the years we’ve raised money for a wide variety of groups in the community.

Right now we’re raising money to help support our home bar, the Bike Stop. Like many businesses, they have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

We know everyone is struggling right now, but if you are able to help, please do so. Anyone who donates over $10 will receive a special Thank You gift from us! (that’s why the donation form will ask you for your mailing address)

The club will be running this fundraiser from now through our bar night on January 9, 2021. Click the DONATE button now to get started!

2020 Club Election Results

Annual elections were held on Oct 5, 2020. We’re pleased and proud to announce the following results:

Captain – Phil L. (2 yr term)
Co-Captain – boy lee (1 yr mid-term)
Master-at-Arms – John R. (2 yr term)
Scribe – Jim S. (2 yr term)


As one of her last official duties, outgoing Captain Jo Ann announced this year’s Brother of the Year to be Jim S.!!! Congratulations!

A Proclamation

May 4, 2020 C.E.

Whereas the gods: Eros, Pothos, and Euphrosyne hathe seen fit to allow this Covid-19 plague to torment us.

Whereas the prescription for defense against this plague doth be self-sequestration.

Whereas the prescription doth prohibiteth us from “behaving inappropriately in public”.

We, the Philadelphian’s MC, doth hereby espouse a pro tempore motto, for use as long as this plague and its prescription doth be visited upon us, being:

“Behaving inappropriately in private since 2020”

Jo Ann Wadsworth

March Bar Night

It’s time for our March Bar night on Saturday, March 14th. Let’s hope the weather settles and stays warm!

Come hang out with us! From 7pm to 10pm, Just a few hours to hang out and be social at our home bar, the Bike Stop.

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